Very close to the world / A piece of Heaven

“La Celeste Galeria” B&B

The Celeste Galeria B&B is an 18th-century country house, located at the gates of Mantua. It provides four very wide rooms with wood ceilings and terracotta floorings. The daily breakfast will be made and served in the big hall on the ground floor by the two owners, who will be pleased to chat with you during the meal. In the main entrance you may also benefit from the wide bookcase, which contains readings that can be used during your stay and your relaxing moments at the Celeste Galeria. Luca and Veronica, the owners, will also be glad to give all information you need, regarding the main locations to visit near and within the walls of Mantua.

A corner of pure relaxation

The beautiful 12 meters outdoor swimming pool - placed in the garden - is available for all customers who desire to chill after a long day visiting the city and the distinctive masterpieces commissioned by the House of Gonzaga. The B&B also gives the opportunity to its clients to park in the walkway, as long as vehicles remain alongside the enclosure in order to leave the way clear.

Curiosities about “La Celeste Galeria”

The name of the B&B is inspired by the art collection of the same name belonged to the House of Gonzaga, which masterpieces are internationally esteemed and spread across the main European museums. The noble Isabella d’Este, powerful patron and wife of Francesco II Gonzaga, created an own studio, which became very popular abroad and an example for all European royal courts at the time.

From Carracci to Veronese

Principles and famous court painters are Annibale Carracci, Correggio, Lorenzo Costa, Domenichino, Lavinia Fontana, Lorenzo Lotto, Andrea Mantegna, Michelangelo, the Perugino, Guido Reni, Giulio Romano, Rubens, Domenico and Jacopo Tintoretto, Titian and the Veronese. Gonzaga were furthermore interested in gold jewellery, music, marquetry, tapestry, sculpture and every kind of art understood as spiritual rising.

Mars and Venus Room

The Mars and Venus room is the biggest one available at The Celeste Galeria B&B. It is perfect for couples since it has one Queen size bed and its bathroom includes a wide bath tub. The majestic bed headboard represents a detail of the Giulio Romano’s fresco, which can be seen at the Palazzo Te (Mantua) in the Cupid and Psyche room. This room also has a writing desk, a wardrobe, seats and armchairs in order to have the best comfort.

Allegories Room

Room for families The name of the room comes from the two Lorenzo Costa’s reproductions placed on the walls. It can comfortably contain a maximum of 4 beds, one double bed and two single beds. The room gives a beautiful view of the pool. The two mentioned reproductions illustrate the Allegories of Isabella d’Este and the city of Como realms. The unique style of the room welcomes its guests leading them into a bygone era, giving them the emotion to sleep in a magical old period. The bathroom has a spacious shower and what is necessary to make our guests’ stay unique.

The Mantuana Room

The room of La Mantuana, so named for the reproductions of the work on the main wall, can comfortably accommodate up to 3 beds, one double and one single bed. Characterized by the blow-up that decorates the room, it is the largest of the 4 rooms and equipped with fine finishes. The attic wood ceiling and the terracotta floor make it a welcoming and romantic place. It houses a chaise longue inside the room as well as an antique walnut wardrobe. The spacious bathroom is equipped with a brand new Jacuzzi and everything needed to make our guests’ stay unique and unforgettable.

The Correggio Room

The room with the work of Correggio, can comfortably accommodate a maximum of 4 beds, one double and one or two single beds. The attic wooden ceiling and the terracotta floor make the room cozy. The room is ideal for families who will find in this space a comfortable and spacious place to spend the most relaxing hours of the day. The room has a small antechamber with wardrobe and the bathroom, functional and well organized, has a 2x1mt shower.

Very close to the world / A piece of Heaven

The B&B “La Celeste Galeria” villa is placed inside the “Mincio” Park, which is distant only 7 kilometres from the main access to the city of Mantua and just 5 kilometres from the Mantova Nord toll booth.

The owners, Luca and Veronica, are willing to offer a shuttle service to and from the Airport (Villafranca VR) or the Train Station (Mantova).


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